Terms of Use

This are the use conditions of the forum service xtremeservers.at or freeboard.at or fboard.de or webboard.org or webforum.eu or internetforum.info, in the following mentioned as "XtremeServers". Visitors, forum operators and forum members are called in the following one "user".

1. Area of application
1.1. The use of XtremeServers is subject to these general use conditions.
1.2. Description of service: XtremeServers makes the medium and the technology available for the enterprise of InterNet forums. Users can announce themselves free of charge and operate a personal forum.

2. Membership
2.1. Opening a forum requires a registration with XtremeServers with truthful data. The name of the forum may not be quite adverse or hurt other patent rights third.
2.2. There is not a requirement on registration and use of XtremeServers. XtremeServers is open it to reject a registration or to exclude a user without preliminary warning.
2.3. Newly registered forums without any activity are deactivated at expiration by 7 days, can be activated however on revocation again.
2.4. Any automated inquiries to our server (in particular attacks and Scans) are forbidden.
2.5. Offences against this conditions can lead to the exclusion of XtremeServers.

3. Contents
3.1. XtremeServers makes available only the service and provides and publishes even no contents. From XtremeServers provided and publish contents are particularly characterized. The responsibility for contents carries the respective user, who contents provided and published.
3.2. The good customs are to be considered. The publication of racistic, is in particular forbidden pornographischen, force-wonderful-ends or other illegal contents.
3.3. It is open XtremeServers to change without comment contents to shift or delete.
3.4. No copyrights as well as further patent rights third may be hurt when publishing contents. The user insures when publication that he possesses the appropriate rights to use at contents.
3.5. XtremeServers reserves itself to switch advertisement in the forums. The insertion of advertisement third duch the user is not permitted.
3.6. Users grant all rights at contents, which are stored by XtremeServers on the server or in the data bases to XtremeServers. In particular unrestricted and temporally unrestricted rights to use are assigned at XtremeServers. Furthermore the users that appropriate contents are neither illegal, insure still right third hurt.
3.7. Due to the mass at contents a detailed examination is not possible by XtremeServers regarding the legal validity, in particular rights third.
3.8. XtremeServers will delete contents immediately, if for such concrete reference points it is present that these are illegal or hurt other patent rights third.
3.9. In principle the following contents are forbidden: Unasked advertisement (Spam); Pornographi contents with FSK18; illegal software; Password exchange; personal exposing; IP addresses; strange enamel.

4. Obligations of the user
4.1. The general duty to exercise diligence is to be considered. Each user is besides responsible for the secrecy of possible passwords and the consequences on ignoring this duty to exercise diligence.
4.2. Users, who operate forums and/or provide and publish contents, and/or whose legal representatives, are for these in its entirety responsible and can for it are made liable.
4.3. XtremeServers may not be abused for Spam, exaggerated advertisement or illegal activities. Users, who do this, are responsible in its entirety for the developed damage.
4.4. Users are obligated to respect and keep valid right and the good customs in its entirety. In particular consideration should be taken and be prevailed a friendly conversational language on other users.
4.5. Users are obligated these use conditions, regularly on changing ungen to examine and these keep. XtremeServers reserves itself the asserting of requirements for compensation, if these obligations are hurt.

5. Obligations of XtremeServers
5.1. XtremeServers is not a freiwilliger service and it can requirements for obligation at XtremeServers be placed.
5.2. Support: There is not a requirement for support at XtremeServers. Support can be ensured exclusively in the support forum intended for it.
5.3. XtremeServers is not obligated to constantly ensure the accessibility and technical functionality.

6. Adhesion
6.1. XtremeServers cannot be made liable for things, which are connected with this service. In particular XtremeServers is not responsible for damage, which results to members or of third from the behavior other members. Any requirements for compensation opposite XtremeServers are impossible.
6.2. Exemption: Users, who cause damage on third, exempt XtremeServers from any requirements and take over also the entire costs of the defense of XtremeServers.
6.3. XtremeServers accomplishes regularly data safety devices. Nevertheless overrun cannot be excluded. XtremeServers cannot be made liable for overrun.

7. Currency of the contract
7.1. The contract between XtremeServers and the user is closed on indefinite time and can be dissolved at any time from both sides without notice and without reason.

8. Final clauses
8.1. XtremeServers reserves itself to change these general use conditions at any time. Users can contradict these changes within a monthly and dissolve the contract with XtremeServers.
8.2. Special agreements and contract modifications require writing.
8.3. XtremeServers reserves itself to change the service at will to thus limit or extend, or however to adjust. A requirement on constant availability does not exist.
8.4. Date, time, contents and IP addresses are stored by XtremeServers.
8.5. Data security is respected by XtremeServers.
8.6. All contents, which XtremeServers makes available, are in copyright matters protected and may not be used not without written permission of XtremeServers.
8.7. If parts of these general conditions should be invalid, the remaining parts always keep their validity.
8.8. As far as the present Treaty determines nothing different one, the regulations of the Austrian right defaults apply. The court conditions are Vienna (Austria).

Conditions: July 2005